Signups for How To Create Your Annual Training Plan starts today.

We’d like to suggest you consider the How To Create Your Annual Training Plan online course. It’s a proven, effective way to level up and prepare for the next season in your rowing calendar. This is a proven, effective and powerful way for you to plan out your training, understand where you are now, and start doing the work you were meant to do.

Signups for our new intake of the How To Create Your Annual Training Plan starts today. If you’re ready to start doing the work of transforming your rowing training, this window of time might be an opportunity. Masters rowing is hard work, and the best way to go faster, is to train smarter. You don’t go faster by training more hours. You can’t always train more hours. You do better by finding a better way to prepare and train.

If you’d like to join the others, as they learn and connect together, today is the best day to join. It’s our last session for 2020.

How to Create Your Annual Training Plan, is an online interactive course that will enable you to;
  • Set up your training plan in under an hour to maximise your power and speed for 1,000m and head races.
  • Set up your personalised training zones in less than 30-minutes.
  • Understand how to be +14% more powerful at race pace and +11% more aerobically efficient in 12-weeks.
  • Access to the key workouts from Champion Masters athletes.
  • Understand how to train with fewer hard sessions to maximise your training and go faster than ever before.
  • Know how to burn fat for fuel through increased activation of the Aerobic system. 
  • Access to downloadable tools and frameworks to help you assess your fitness to improve Aerobic efficiency, increase Anaerobic threshold and increase power at VO2max.
  • Get an advantage on the competition with knowledge and cutting-edge insights into training methods from the world’s best coaches, sports scientists and fastest Masters crews.

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Here’s what one student shared about his experience in the course: 

After 10 weeks of Bill Chambers Faster training program, I set out to break @grahambenton record of 9110m. This was my second attempt after hitting the wall the first time at 7min to go. Bill Chambers program was very well laid out and all I had to do was get on with it.

Luke Wollenschlaeger , 5 Times age group world ergo record holder

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Here’s what’s included in the course

  • Exclusive access to the Faster Alumni Group on Facebook, to share ideas and cover questions with past students. This group is only open to Faster Alumni.
  • Three Live Zoom Classes to review the course together with the course community. Classes will be streamed Live to the Faster Alumni Group
  • Access to all the online learning modules via the Teachable platform
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Protocols on how to test your performance
  • Access to Tips & Tricks – Ideas & Inspiration from our advisory panel of experts
  • PDF downloads of studies on the best approaches to train
  • Guidance on how to train from the world’s best coaches, scientists and athletes – period!
Here’s what another student shared about his experience in the course: 

“I completed the course earlier this year, and what I learnt has opened my eyes to what I was truly capable of, and transformed the way I train and prepare. I used to always train hard, yet never knew if I was really training the right way. Since I have done the course, I now KNOW what I need to do to reach my potential. I don’t train any more than I used to, yet I am going faster on the ergo and on the water. I can better plan my training to achieve balance with my family and the business that I own and operate.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to train smart vs. just training harder all the time.”

J Van Vulpen, The Netherlands

Click here to purchase the course $287.00

Join hundreds of other Masters Rowers who are changing the way they prepare and train.

Contact me directly for the subscribers discount code.

Hope to see you inside,

Bill and the FASTER Team