I am delighted to recommend Bill Chambers.

Bill is driven by professional curiosity and a clear and unwavering focus on metrics-based performance improvement. He rapidly grasps, interprets and simplifies complex issues and pursues results with determination.

He is direct and unflinching in the face of obstacles and challenges and is not one to be easily knocked off course or deflected from his objectives. He provides leadership and direction, sets the bar high and works hard to break through expectations.

Barry Conchie, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Executive Leadership Advisor

Bill, congratulations on an extraordinary journey and contributions at Medtronic. Your thought leadership challenged many who worked with and for you. It was my privilege to have crossed paths.

Nick Anderson 

Bill, it was a pleasure and privilege to work with you and learn from you. Your passion and energy has motivated many coworkers. I am sure our paths will cross again in the future. All the best!!! 

Patrick Manns, VP Medtronic

I had the great pleasure of working for William Chambers during his time with Medtronic Service & Repair, during this period Bill proved to be a truly great leader.

Bill’s clear vision, motivation, mental capacity, communication skills and confidence allowed him to deliver great results while supporting and developing the team around him. Bill would be a fantastic asset to any organisation and I would be very happy to work with and for him again.

Adam Pearce, Senior leader, Medtronic EMEA

I collaborated with Bill Chambers in the European Spine & Biotech Management Team. We closely collaborated in the management of the Biotech related activities for the UK & Ireland where Bill managed the british Biotech team and I developed and executed the European strategies for our main product Osigraft. I know Bill as an excellent business unit manager who is highly energetic and a person that is determined to deliver on comitment or even better every month during the year. Bill was a highly respected member of our european management team and was always willing to help others when needed. Bill has a wealth of experience working in a european and international environment and has exceptional skills in Key Opinion Leader Management. It was a pleasure working together with him.

Olaf Bartsch, PhD. Vice President Europe & General Manager Germany bei Insmed Inc.

One of the best leaders, mentors and friends I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Would join you again anywhere any time.

Paul Cowell, Leader of Service & Repair Europe, Medtronic

All the best Bill, I have great memories working with you, always inspiring and full of energy.

Ton Buijs, Operations Leader, Medtronic EMEA 

It was a pleasure working with you; you empowered, inspired and always kept the energy high. Thanks!

Willeke Scheeres, Operational Excellence Leader, Medtronic

Bill is the leader, companies need to get to move to the next level..: happy to have worked together during two years I personally appreciated Bill’s leadership and great collaboration and support.

Francis Gardes, Medtronic

Bill is an excellent thinker, creative, and motivator. He is goal oriented and inspires his employees to perform at their without micro-managing.

Dr Richard Guyer, Spine Surgeon, Texas Back Institute

Bill has the ability to relate to individuals from all different levels from maintneance workers all the way up to CEOs and prominent physicians.

Claus Egstrand, Group President International at Hologic

Bill is a great relationship builder and a smart young businessmanwith who sets himself aggressive goals that he achieves.

Bill has great knowledge of the categories that he works in and works well with his customers.

Baba Awopetu, Group Strategy & Marketing Director at Optegra

Bill is a focused, driven business leader. One of the most competitive and result focused people I know. A bundle of energy and fun to work with.

Graham Munro, Nikon Expert Photographer, Sydney Australia