About Bill

Hi I am William Chambers, and most people call me Bill. My purpose is to inspire and challenge myself, and my clients, to constantly evolve and realise their pure potential.

For 20-years, I have been leading businesses in Fortune 500 companies, partnering with business leaders, teams and individuals, to transform and realise their personal and commercial goals.

From creating and leading the largest commercial transformation in MedTech history, to partnering with business leaders to take their business and team to the next level of performance. Nothing prepared me for what happened in 2013.

In 2013 a catastrophic accident, helped me to redefine what I thought was possible. From this experience, I created a system and process to return to high performance in business and sport. My purpose is to share this system and process with others that want to achieve their own personal high performance.

Bill Coming Back – Stronger

Short video on my return from a near fatal accident