It’s been a couple of weeks since I placed my order with Filippi for my new F22 single scull, and I’m excited to share with you, an update on some of the latest features that will be included on the new F22 single and the 2021 boat range. The whole process of ordering has been really easy. Filippi send you a two page digital order form to confirm options and any personalisation of colours and design. Once this is sent back, David sends you a digital image to confirm. So far, the process has been seamless and I’m excited to see the new carbon performance features.

Some of the new additions, like the water bottle holder, have been on other brands like Sykes for a few years now, and it’s good to see this now on the Filippi range.

The innovation team at Filippi, have spent that last year, investigating every element of the boat construction, with an objective of making it lighter, stronger, and more resistant to fatigue and wear. The new footboard block, is now entirely made of pre-impregnated carbon. A stiffer footplate, that certainly felt much more secure, without any flex.

The forged carbon brackets for the connection point of the rigger and the boat, looks to provide greater stiffness, and transmission of force between platform and boat.

With the innovation around forged carbon, Filippi explained to me that they are using this technology to do away with an “heavy” elements, that are subjected to stress-corrosion, such as aluminum. Forged carbon is light, rigid, incompressible and enables the designers to shape and glue carbon parts where previously this wasn’t possible. The team at Filippi have found ways to replace all the weak links of the power transmission chain (starting with those in aluminum and steel) with more technologically advanced materials: the crossbar (already standard equipment), the U-bolts and wing plate on the platform, and rails. More marginal gains in weight savings were found in the small details: the holder for steering cable, race number holder and the entire oarlock section of the Aliante rigger including hilt, hilt holder, the pin and a new oarlock made out of, wait for it…forged carbon oarlock.

I cant wait to see the boat all finished, see all the latest technical and design elements, and to get out on the water. David has promised to send some pictures of the boat going through the different construction stages, and as soon as I get them, I’ll share on my newsletter.