Workout of the week

“The Time Contracter” by Dr Charlie Simpson

“Time Contracter” is 60 mins with 6 mins easy pace (e.g. UT2 and 4 mins moderate effort (UT1/AT) until the clock hits zero (so six intervals of 4 mins by the end)….If doing on the erg, during the final 2 mins of both the 6min easy and 4 mins moderate…..flick the monitor to watts and aim to keep a high stroke to stroke consistency such that every stroke is +/- 3 watts of the target value for the section….For example, if the target UT2 pace is 200 watts….then every stroke in the final 2 mins of the 6 min section should be between 197 and 203……It’s easy enough to count the number of missed target strokes …..a goal is to keep this to no more than 3 missed strokes per minute…

Charlie is the Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science and Global Partnership Lead for Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Oxford Brooks University, and the co-author of Advanced Rowing and Indoor Rowing.

Strength & Conditioning with James Goodwin

James is the head of sports performance for the Swiss Rowing Federation. In this short video, James demonstrates the goblet squat.