Time to get ready to go fast in this years HOCR.

Maybe you don’t have a coach, and not sure exactly how to prepare to be at your best come race day. You can save time in planning your training for the HOCR, and ensure you don’t make a mistake in preparing for the event by using my HOCR training plans designed and proven to have you ready for this years race. Click here to check out the plans.

Each of the training plans are designed specifically with the HOCR, and cater for different lengths of build up. You can start from 16-weeks out, down to 8-weeks out from the race. You can choose which plan best matches the time you have, from 6 hours a week, to those that have more than 10 hours a week. 

All plans include the Polarised heart rate calculator, to help you dial in your training intensity, and have a taper and a race peak plan, to have you ready to be at your best on race day.

  • Daily plan with training intensities
  • Suitable for on water & ergo training
  • Includes Polarised heart rate zones
  • Key strength exercises
  • Taper & Race peak plan
  • One/Two rest days per week

Each plan is personally designed and created by Bill Chambers. They are tried, tested, and proven, by the world’s fastest Masters Rowers and will have you at your best, and ready to race! Click here to check out the plans.