What I’m experimenting with this week

  • Extra sleep
  • Natural anti inflammatories
  • Nelo R75 single scull

Extra Sleep

As the training volume increases, I’m experimenting with a ways to enhance my recovery. I’m increasing my daily sleep by getting to bed 15-minutes earlier, not using my iPhone an hour before shut eye, and leaving my iPhone in the home office rather than beside the bed. I was using the phone as an alarm, and now use the alarm on my Garmin watch, which is very effective. 15-minutes each night, isn’t much more, yet it all adds up over the week with an extra 1’45” over the week.

I will be using the following performance metrics to track sleep over the next weeks;

  • Total sleep time via Garmin watch
  • Morning resting heart rate

Natural anti-inflammatories

From time to time I have some residual pain from strength training or the garden;-) I have been using Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex from doTERRA. I can say that Deep Blue has a profound pain relief for me. More so than over the counter pain killers from the pharmacy.

I buy it via a network to get a 25% discount. I DON’T sell doTERRA, I just use it, get the discount.

You can purchase doTERRA products at wholesale pricing (25% discount) via the following link: https://www.mydoterra.com/Application/index.cfm?&Country=EO&EnrollerID=3378159&lng=en_uk

Nelo R75 Single Scull

I first tried the Nelo in Gavirate at the beginning of this year. I was impressed with the stability, the speed and the little extras like the inverted seat rails and the water bottle holder. I am curious to understand the benefits of the inverted bow and stern, the flat bottom and square gunnels.

I have purchased an R75 to test this season. I will be using the following performance metrics over the next weeks, to compare the Filippi F22 vs the Nelo R75.

  • Speed over 500m
  • Speed over 5,000m

I will use the boats over the coming weeks and run the same test over many weeks. Decision will be based on repeatability of performance.