Training Update – Week 34 – 4 Weeks To Go!

Wow. What a big week,following a big week of both volume and the introduction of more high intensity. It’s always a fine balance of when to introduce high intensity, and how to introduce the intensity. I have found that I respond best to a 4-week block, two to three session a week is enough, and just enough that I feel that I have done a big effort, yet not so much, that I’m in a deep hole after the session. It’s a fine balance, and another reason why ‘cookie cutter’ programs from magazines and books, can negatively impact your season, unless they are treated as a guide. A tip is to observe your morning resting heart rate (MRHR). I will post a short article on my approach to this simple protocol that can really help you to understand your fatigue and readiness in less that 30-seconds.

So this week, I spent considerable time on the bike, on the ergo and fortunately also on the water. Two high intensity sessions this week. 4 x 8-minutes @92% peak HR, with 4-minutes rest, and then on Sunday morning, 5 x 1-minute on 1-minute off. This last one is a great speed work out, and although the heart rate may not respond so fast within the minute, the power and intensity is there, and the cumulative effect over time builds up.

Over the weekend, we spent time on a smaller lake near the Swiss French/German speaking border, working on technique, technique, technique. I am always impressed what our coach, Urs Graf, can find for us to improve. It’s a continuous learning mindset and approach. Fitted this all in around Zoom calls with Mick Miller on High Performance Mindset (check the other post) and calls with athletes around the world.

So to summarise the week in numbers:

  • 12.5 hours
  • 890 TSS
  • 120k on the water/erg

This week is a recovery week. Treat your recovery as seriously as your training. Time for the body to assimilate the training stress and adapt. Maintaining the intensity this week, and the following week will be super-compensation.

Have a great week!