Conversation with Mick Miller – 6 x Olympic Strength & Performance Coach

“I believe in challenging people so that they can grow and evolve, and change the world for the better.”

Mick has seen it all. He’s worked with elite athletes chasing Olympic glory, world champions, professional Rugby League teams, America’s Cup campaigns, and up-and-coming youth champions. He’s seen athletes through good times and bad, through victory and meltdown, through triumphant euphoria and heart-breaking despair. He’s brought athletes back from career-threatening injury, rebuilt teams that were crumbling under pressure, and mentored his junior athletes through the challenges of growing up. Then in 2013, at age 49, he discovered a lump in his neck that turned out to be cancer. He then discovered more about himself that he could ever have imagined.

Mick’s cancer survival journey started in a bed at the Oncology ward at Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney, then took him on a journey of recovery and discovery  around and  to the heart of Australia in a ‘68 VW Beetle. Only then was he able to listen to his own heart, let go of everything he was preconditioned to be, and discovered who he really was.

In my conversation with Mick, we cover our mutual friendship and our passion for rowing and helping others to achieve high performance. We cover Mick’s journey of discovery on what it took, for Mick to find his right path and how through this experience, Mick is helping others to find their Right Path.