Training Update

Week 27 – 9-weeks to target race

What was a recovery week turned into a recovery and repair week, as I’ve been dealing with a few niggling issues. This is why recovery weeks are so important. Important to let the body recover from the progressive load, in order to recover, get stronger, and lose some of the cumulative fatigue from the previous 2.5 weeks of build. I recall someone wise once saying to me, “rest is training, take it as seriously as you would a training session”. Only with appropriate rest, do we get stronger, so I’m glad in a way, the niggles raised their head during my rest week.

Spent most of the week on the bike, mainly because of the unfavourable water conditions, and to allow time to rest some strained/overworked muscles. Water conditions ended up being a positive in the end. I didn’t miss any ‘good water’, gave my back time to rest, and enjoyed some time in the mountains.

Next two weeks on holidays, so have the opportunity to get out on the bike and swimming. Experimenting with the GoPro Hero 8 and hopefully a ‘reanimated’ drone, to catch some footage in the boat and on the bike.