My comeback from a catastrophic accident

Catastrophic; causing sudden and very great harm or destruction. (Cambridge dictionary 2020)

In June 2013, I was paddling lightly to cool down, after racing the single scull (1x) in a Swiss regatta, when a men’s coxless four (4-) doing racing starts, collided head on into my back at full speed. The boat went through my back, broke two of my vertebrae, and a piece of the bow, was lodged precariously close to my spinal cord. I was catapulted into the water, and nearly drowned.

Rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The doctors feared I would be paralysed, and certainly didn’t think that I would being rowing ever again.

Over the next two years I developed an approach and later codified a system and process to get back on my feet, back in the boat, and winning again.

I don’t mention what happened, yet my friend Emmanuel thought it was important to capture my story and share my approach to coming back stronger. Perhaps my approach can help others. Below is a link to the video. Please share with your friends and connect with me to find out more about transformational change.