Training Update Week 33 – 5 Weeks To Event

Into the first of two big build weeks, leading into the final block for the Swiss Champs on September 18. Finished the previous week with a mini-camp at the Rotsee on Saturday and Sunday. Did high volume and lots of technical work with my coach Urs Graf.

The week was big. The graphic is from the 5 x 8-minute long intervals. These are done at 90-92% Peak Heart rate with a 3-4-minute pause between intervals. They are extremely hard and rewarding. They boost the work done at Anaerobic Threshold, and for me at least, have a good stimulus. Also did a series of short high intensity intervals. The first of this block, and this had a big impact on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It takes some time to clear, and I track the recovery through morning resting heart rate. Nothing fancy, just take the pulse or see the report on the Garmin Forerunner. It was up for 2-days in a row, so the easy effort days were in order.

Did a large day in the saddle on Sunday. It was fast on the flats and with the ride going through the valley, only small 3-4 kilometre climbs. Tough after a Saturday of high intensity.

All in all a good week. Felt tiered on Monday, and need to back up again this week.