Testing out this week

Hi there,

This week I’m testing out.

  • Casida Magnesium Creme Lotion to prevents cramps
  • Motorola Walkie Talkies to improve communication with crews

Casida Magnesium Cream Lotion. I don’t know if you suffer muscle cramps after training, yet sometimes after a hard session, or a longer bike ride, I suffer from leg cramps. Reading the literature, there is plenty of advice on what to do, yet in conversation with my medical friends, none of it is conclusive. Most advice however, gravitates to the use of magnesium. Now I have tried the tablets and drinks without much success. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using a magnesium creme lotion. Applied directly to the area affected, for me, its the legs, it seems to have a preventative affect. I also tried the spray lotion. The spray seemed to dry out the skin and also create an ‘itching’ sensation from the magnesium. Early days, yet at least I can feel some kind of benefit.

Motorola Radios. I’m moving away from coaching with the megaphone and to a system that allows me to communicate directly with the crew. I’m testing the Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme two way radio and the work great, so far. I bought the quad pack, and this enables me to talk with three crews from the launch, the shore or sculling alongside. The crews like it too, as I can set different channels for each boat to coach them 1:1 without all the other boats listening into what may or may not be relevant. Motorola claim a 10km range, so far the crews say they can hear clearly at around 4km, which is handy if you want to call them to come together for a set piece or what ever.

They are tough and durable, and easy to fix in the boat with a belt clip to the shoes. They have a handy lanyard for when the crews are walking down to the water.