Learning something new

Ski Touring a new challenge for 2019

Today I challenged myself to learn how to Ski Tour. Something new for 2019 and really made me explore what I thought was possible. I spent most of my life in the water growing up in Australia and only discovered the joy of skiing 6-years ago.

Today I used a completely new set of skis to what I normally use. Apparently they have to be lighter and have skins on the ski to enable going up hill. I went off piste in heavy and icy conditions when I normally stay on piste. At times it was really challenging – very challenging. I started to make excuses as to why I couldn’t do it and then I flipped it around. I was feeling uncomfortable because I was exploring a new edge. I had to focus on the process and the guidance from my very experienced friends.

I’m glad my friends challenged me to try ski touring, it was great fun. I learnt a lot about this new way of skiing and I explored some new limits in what I thought I could and couldn’t do on a set of skis.

Thanks Craig & Jeroen for the great morning. Especially the brunch.