Avoid a pain in the ass.

I use and recommend this seat-pad for rowing and especially on the ergo.

The ProW seat pad developed by Olympic and World Champion rowers, with Citius Remix in Denmark.

This seat pad has an innovative shape that relieves bottom/ass pain, helps you to sit tall at the finish of the stroke and assists in the transition from finish to recovery positions thereby helping to improve your rowing.

It differs from conventional rowing seats in many ways:

  • It has a ‘saddle’/projection in the middle and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution 
  • ProW has an opening for the tailbone and a projection in the back which helps to improve your technique
  • The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish and go from stroke to recovery phase

I love this seat pad. I use it in the boat and especially on the ergo. It has totally solved the cramps I used to experience in the hamstrings and ass after 45-minutes on the ergo or in the boat. At first it did feel a little strange to use. It took a few uses to get used to the different position on the seat, and the unique contouring. I thought I may need to use some double sided tape or velcro, to fix the pad in place, yet the seat stays put. To feel super secure, I may start to use Double sided Velcro tape, to attach the seat in the boat.

I don’t sell the seat, yet I asked the team at Citius Remex, if they would give readers of my newsletter and Facebook Group a discount, and they kindly offered 10% discount off the purchase price, when you use the discount code: NoAssPain2020 at check-out:-)

The team at Citius offer a money back guarantee. If you regret your purchase of the ProW seat, you are welcome to return it to Citius Remex within 50 days, and they will refund the cost of the seat.

Click on the link below to visit the Citius Remex web site for more details and to purchase your seat pad. Remember to use the discount code: NoAssPain2020 at check-out to get the 10% discount.