World Master’s Regatta 2023 – 12 week Training Plan (12 hours)

  • World Master’s Regatta 12-week advanced training plan (PDF)
  • For Masters Rowers that can invest on average 9.5 hours a week
  • Peak week 12 hours – low week 6 hours – average load 9.5 hours a week
  • Day by day session guide with duration & training intensities
  • Heart rate zone calculator
  • Race week taper plan


Designed by Bill Chambers, this is a dedicated training plan for Master Rowers, competing in the 2023 World Master’s Regatta, and designed specifically for this year and the event distance.

This training plan has been prepared for advanced Masters rowers, that have up to 12 hours a week to train and prepare. It differs from the other plans in that this plan in that it has been designed for the Masters rower that is used to a higher weekly volume.

The plan is over 12-weeks, and you can start when ever you like. It includes sessions to test your peak heart rate, and set up your heart rate training zones. Every week has dedicated day by day session guide, and every week includes a recovery day.

The plan can be easily downloaded and printed and includes my polarised heart rate zone calculator, to automatically set up your heart rate zones.