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The Rowing Masters Classes are the most comprehensive guides that I’ve ever put together to help Masters Rowers go really fast. Available online and done at your own pace, these courses have been designed with you in mind.

Now is the time to get empowered, and to go Faster.

How to train with heart rate

Everything you need to know to set up your zones and train with heart rate for rowing.

Ultimate race week plan

Learn how to plan your training to a peak at the right time to race your best.

Annual Training Plan

Learn how to create your own training plan for the season.


"I came back to rowing five years ago after a 25 year hiatus. I trained in fits and bursts and “all-out” sessions until I was introduced to Bill and his training plan two years ago. At first, I admit that his ideas seemed counter-intuitive to our habits. However, his plan is backed by real science and has nourished my comprehension of the sport. It offers a bold framework of knowing what to do, when and how to do it. Best of all, I quickly began seeing results!!! Improved fitness and proper preparation have permitted me to concentrate on refining my technique and have given me the confidence to row competitively in sprints as well as long-distance races. An in-depth understanding of hear-rate zones, off-season and regatta-prep training plans as well as race-day nutrition and warm-up protocols are a few of the benefits that his kick-ass plan offers. I highly recommend this course to anyone open to honing their game and gaining a critical edge."

Craig Verzone, Boston USA

"After applying what I learnt, I redesigned my training and now train in a more targeted way with much better results."

Jeroen van Vulpen, The Netherlands