Live Master Class Sessions & Instructors

Super excited to announce today, the live sessions with our world-class instructors. More information will be released later this week, so be sure to join the newsletter to be the first to find out.

Training & Nutrion For Masters Rowers

Instructor: Dr Charles Simpson, Author and Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science. Sport. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University.

Biomechanics For Fast & Efficient Rowing

Instructor: Dr Valery Kleshnev, Rowing Biomechanist, Author, Inventor, Olmpic Silver medalist and USSR Single Sculls Champion.

Strength & Conditioning For Masters Rowers

Instructor: James Goodwin, Head of Strength & Conditioning and High Performance, Swiss Rowing Federation.

Rowing Technique To Move The Boat Fast. 

Instructor: Noel Donaldson, former head of Australian Rowing, New Zealand Rowing. Coach of the Oarsome Foursome & the Kiwi Pair.