Sharing my 2020 Training Plan

I have received a tonne of emails and requests to share my plan for the revised regatta season in what has been a really unique year. In Switzerland, we are very fortunate to be able to race our national championships, in a revised format and at a later date (subject to C19 ongoing assessments by the Swiss Government). I realise that this may not be the case in many countries.

The purpose of these updates is to share my approach, the system that I have developed and use, along with the process that I follow for myself, and my High Performance clients in business and sport.

Below is the high level plan that has been revised to take into account the postponed date of the Swiss Champs from July to mid September and then the second peak for the long distance races 5 to 7-weeks later.

I follow a traditional liner approach to periodisation, with what could be described as a ‘polarised’ approach to the intensity of training.

The lockdown afforded a longer build of my aerobic foundation, along with time to ‘fix’ some strength and conditioning areas along with a couple of technical elements that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work on. So I am grateful for the time to do this.

Over the course of the coming weeks, I will update in blog posts my progress and experience on the path towards the main target events.

Week 28 – 10-weeks to 1st target

Large volume of training this week, and I’m enjoying both the effort and also looking forward to the recovery week.

Water was generally too rough to row on, with the wind picking up, so I spent more time than normal, at this time of year, on the ergo and on the bike. Ergo sessions went really well. I seem to have ‘broken’ through some levels with my aerobic condition. Two times in a row the split dropped by more than a second over the 75 minutes low intensity sessions. Happy with this. Feeling that this may be the combination of both the increase in my aerobic foundation, the strength work kicking in, and the time rowing with the bungee cord.

Saturday was a bit of a lesson to listen to my body a bit more. I was feeling a bit tired after the heavy build up through the week, and strained my back whilst doing an emergency turn to avoid some floating branches. Essentially this meant time to rest and recovery a day earlier than planned and take in some acupuncture from Angela. Not a bad result:-)

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