Tools to help you go Faster


These are the calculators that I have created with the world's leading sports scientist and rowing coaches. They will enable you to use the same approaches to testing and measuring your training and performance, without losing time.

Training Load

CHF 9.90
  • Rowing specific TSS
  • Auto calculate load
  • Calculate ergo training load

Polarised Heart Rate Zones

CHF 9.90
  • Auto calculate your training zones
  • Target your Polarised training
  • Know your Aerobic & Anaerobic thresholds
  • Scientifcally validated

Aerobic Efficiency

CHF 14.90
  • Measure & track aerobic efficiency
  • Understand when you are improving
  • Includes polarised heart rate zone calculator
  • Track power to heart rate

Annual Training Plan Simulator

CHF 59.90
  • Simulate training load over time
  • Understand the impact of training intensity
  • Simulate race readiness
  • Plan out your year to peak readiness

Critical Power

CHF 39.90
  • Designed for Rowing & Ergo training
  • Calculate the power you can hold for a race
  • Simplified testing protocols
  • Design precise training sessions for ergo

Rigging Calculator

CHF 9.90
  • Simulate changes to your rigging
  • See what rigging the world's best use
  • Simplifies the maths
  • Female, male, light & heavyweight numbers


Are you looking to understand how the world's fastest Masters Rowers prepare for a race, do lab equivalent testing at home, or know what supplements they are using, to boost performance? Then these protocols are exactly what you need. All the protocols are designed for Masters Rowers, and have been tried, tested and proven by the fastest the world's fastest Masters Rowers and sports scientists.

Race Activation

CHF 9.90
  • 20-min warm up & activation protocol
  • Guide to pre-race fuelling
  • Warm down protocol
  • Used by national rowing & pro tour cycling teams

Blood Lactate Testing

CHF 19.90
  • Know how to do your own testing
  • Rowing specific test protocol
  • Dial in your LT1 & LT2 thresholds
  • Reccommended testing devices

Performance Supplements

CHF 14.90
  • Know what suplements boost performance
  • Guide to dosage & timing
  • Scientifcally validated


The guides, protocols and calculators, are designed and used by well-trained experts and highly skilled Masters Rowers. The information shared, is provided in good faith.  The information provided should not be used without qualified supervision and training with professionals, and always seek advice from your doctor before undertaking exercise.