Performance boosting supplements


There are a handful of Performance Enhancing Supplements, that have a good evidence base as safe, legal to use and effective. I have researched and mapped, the supplements and protocols used by professional sporting teams and international federations, and dialled these protocols in for rowing. This information isn’t easy to find. I think this is because, no coach wants to share their secrets to the extra edge.

If you are wondering “does Bill use these?” YES. I often use these supplements to enhance my performance and recovery during heavy training blocks, and certainly before major races with great effect.

You will receive a list of each of the ‘Big 5’ Supplements that I use to boost Performance. For each of the supplements, you will see why I use the supplement, how much I use, and when I take them to go Faster.

P.S. I don’t share this information in my general newsletter, as I feel this information should be reserved for those that want to invest in their performance.