Master Class with Dr Valery Kleshnev


Gain access to the Master Class recording with Dr Valery Kleshnev.

Dr Valery Kleshnev, is a best selling author, ‘Biomechanics of Rowing: A Unique Insight Into the Technical and Tactical Aspects of Elite Rowing’, and considered an expert in Rowing Biomechanics, helping some of the world’s best rowing teams to prepare.

In this Master Class, you will learn from one of the world’s leading experts on Rowing Biomechanics, how different technique and different boat set-up can help you to be faster and more effecient. Valery is going to share his 30-years of insights and observations of what is is that the world’s best do to go fast, and practicle applications for you to apply to your own rowing. Including demystifying some of most common rowing myths: “boat check & do not stop the boat”, as well as “blade inefficiency at the catch”. Valery will also cover, boat velocity efficiency, blade propulsive efficiency, inertial efficiency, and rower’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Included with purchase

  • Video recording of Master Class
  • Video drills & exercises
  • PDF Copy of presentation