Master Class with Dr Charlie Simpson


Charlie is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Oxford Brookes University and well known for his publications on Rowing. The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing and Advanced Rowing.

You will gain access to the recording of the Master Class, where Charlie presents attendees with interesting information about the relationship between common rowing training practices and their effects on  performance measures (e.g. aerobic function; lean body mass). Any discussion of training responses is incomplete without consideration of the dietary intake of an athlete, but rather than review generic aspects of a healthy diet, the presentation will provide evidence about the potential diet changes known to contribute to health and performance (particularly rowing performance). The Master Class will use pre-planned interactive opportunities to provide you with opportunity to actively engage with the session content, while also reflecting upon your approaches to training and diet. This approach makes it possible for willing attendees to share their views and practices as active session participants. After completing this session, attendees should be able to make informed decisions about the value of making specific changes to training approaches and diet.

Included with purchase

  • Video of entire Master Class with Dr Simpson
  • PDF Copy of presentation